Cloud Hosting Provider NaviSite Launches Two Additional UK Cloud Nodes

NaviSite Europe, a Time Warner Cable Company and a subsidiary of cloud hosting provider NaviSite, has launched two new NaviCloud Director nodes, located in Woking and Redhill, UK. NaviCloud Director is an IaaS cloud hosting platform that leverages VMWare vCloud Director 5.1, and is designed to provide businesses a self-service platform.

The NaviCloud Director platform provides customer access to VMware APIs and developer community. Customers also have the option of accessing the native vCloud Director user interface or can manage their cloud hosting environment via the NaviSite designed AppCenter portal.

NaviCloud Director platform

navisite-cloudNaviCloud Director allows the growing UK-based developer community to create, test and then dynamically publish these applications using the VMware API toolkit.

NaviSite’s platform also lets customers connect their cloud hosting environments to existing physical or virtual environments using the VMware API connectors. This enables clients to move workloads offsite, create business continuity environments or use NaviSite as dynamic “burst” capacity during seasonal peaks.

“With the two new NaviCloud Director cloud nodes, our customers can now spin up cloud instances using their software and tear them down when they’re done, without any manual intervention,” said Sean McAvan, managing director, NaviSite Europe Ltd. “And we can provide effective disaster recovery within UK boundaries, which is important for industries which require data to remain resident in either the UK or European Union. As the NaviCloud Director nodes are both within the UK, NaviSite has the capacity to offer compute resources with minimal latency, which means we can support applications that need near-synchronous replication.”

Additional features of NaviCloud Director now available to UK customers would include:

  • Mix & match billing models for fixed costs or pay-as-you-go
  • Flexible network architectures allowing for optimal application configuration or regulatory compliance
  • Ability to access and integrate with other NaviCloud and NaviSite Managed Services to accommodate complex applications and business needs