Cloud Hosting Provider, Online Tech, Releases New Business Continuity Service

Online Tech, a Great Lakes based provider of cloud hosting and colocation services with a network of five data centers, has released its latest business continuity service, OT Disaster Recovery as a Service (OT DRaaS). The new product, OT DRaaS, would offer shorter recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO) for clients that are now measured in minutes, versus previous recovery times of hours to days.

As an added service to Online Tech‘s existing backup offering, OT DRaaS would offer better control of testing and recovery practices through test alerts and the monitoring of results, improving recovery practices and compliance testing. In addition to access and analytics, they would also benefit from better integration into their client portal, providing additional control in testing environments and clearer insights into their servers and recovery.

online tech“Disaster Recovery has been a thorny hurdle throughout most of my career running large-scale enterprise infrastructure,” said Nick Lumsden, Vice President of Technology and Product Strategy, Online Tech. “Cold sites can take too long for critical applications. Hot sites can increase costs by two to three times the capital and operating expenditure of the primary site. And warm failover has historically been very difficult to orchestrate. That’s why we are so excited about our new DRaaS offering – it makes having a warm recovery site so easy for our clients to use.”

The fully managed disaster recovery service comes with the full backing of the Online Tech support team that is always ready to help configure, test, and initiate a failover.

“This is a huge benefit for our clients, because our new offering grows our disaster recovery solution tenfold,” said Yan Ness, CEO of Online Tech. “Instead of just cold site offering, we now can combine our two cloud locations and dozens of managed services for any client to offer warm and, eventually, hot DR. We will be making DR as easy as offsite backup with failover measured in minutes, not hours.”