Cloud Hosting Provider Rackspace Becomes AWS DevOps Competency Partner

Global cloud hosting provider, Rackspace, has achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS Cloud) DevOps Competency within the AWS Partner Competency Program. The program recognizes members of the AWS Partner Network who have completed a rigorous third-party audit demonstrating their expertise in DevOps practices, tools, and proven customer success.

Rackspace’s customers can access the DevOps expertise and 24×7 operational support through the company’s ‘Fanatical Support’ team for AWS Cloud architects and engineers – who collectively hold over 270 AWS Professional and Associate certifications across the globe.

cloud hosting rackspaceHistorically, the process of deploying and managing applications has been manually intensive and customized. Manual deployment and management of applications generally would lead to outcomes such as fewer release cycles, longer lead times, and unpredictable quality, all of which impact time to market and stable operations.

Applying those manual and custom practices in a cloud environment negates the inherent advantage of software defined infrastructure. DevOps is the use of practices, tools and automation that can improve the efficiency of how businesses run applications in the cloud.

Rackspace’s ‘Fanatical Support’ for AWS provides businesses access to certified AWS experts who can help implement and operate workloads on AWS Cloud using DevOps practices and tooling, both from AWS and leading 3rd parties. Rackspace DevOps expertise can help customers improve the speed, frequency, and quality of their software deployments and the accompanying operational processes.

Rackspace Aviator

Customers using Rackspace’s Aviator service receive ongoing support for native AWS DevOps tools such as AWS OpsWorks, AWS CloudFormation, AWS CodeDeploy, AWS CodePipeline and AWS CodeCommit. As an additional service, Rackspace engineers can utilize a broad range of leading third-party DevOps tools, such as Chef, SaltStack, and Ansible to help ensure that customers have choice around their preferred DevOps toolset.

“Rackspace has been active in DevOps practices since 2012, working to help customers increase speed and consistency in their operations,” said Chris Cochran, senior vice president and general manager of AWS, Rackspace. “We are excited to be recognized by AWS and to apply our knowledge to customers working on the AWS Cloud platform. Not all customers start with a high degree of expertise in this area, but Rackspace can help these businesses continually improve their efficiency with running apps in the cloud.”