Cloud Load Balancing Deep Dive and Best Practices (Cloud Next '19)

Google Cloud Load Balancing enables enterprises and cloud natives to deliver highly available, scalable, low-latency cloud services with a global footprint. Learn how you can use Global Load Balancing to deliver global reach and scale. Reduce toil by deploying your application back ends in single or multiple regions wherever your users are, front-ending these with a single anycast VIP, and growing or shrinking your backend resources with intelligent autoscaling. For your private services, learn how you can scale them using Internal Load Balancing (ILB) for clients in Google Cloud or on-premises across Interconnect/VPN. You will leave this session with a comprehensive understanding of Cloud Load Balancing including Load Balancing (LB) Flavors (HTTP(S) LB, TCP/SSL proxy, Network LB, Internal LB), GKE Load Balancing, LB Security features (multiple certs, custom SSL policies, DDoS defense), modern LB capabilities (HTTP/2, gRPC, QUIC), LB Telemetry (Stackdriver logging and monitoring), and network tiers. You will see demos and learn how enterprise customers deploy Cloud Load Balancing and the best practices they use to deliver smart, secure, modern services across the globe.

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Speaker(s): Babi Seal, Osvaldo Costa

Session ID: NET300
product:Cloud Virtual Network,GCLB,NetLB (Controllers for Pinball/Maglev); fullname:Osvaldo Costa,Babi Seal;

Duration: 50:49
Publisher: Google Cloud
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