Cloud ML Engine for Industrial Visual Inspection (Cloud Next '19)

Manufacturing vision systems are a key component of any automation application. Flexible Assembly and Google will demonstrate how to use cloud-based machine learning to increase product quality, reduce cycle times, and dramatically reduce costs through the use of open-source object detection techniques and low-cost cameras.

Flexible Assembly has developed an open-source solution built on top of Google research, Cloud ML Engine, and Google Kubernetes Engine that simplifies the task of training and prediction for industrial vision inspection and pick/place use cases.

For this session, Flexible Assembly and Google will walk through the end-to-end process of acquisition, training, and prediction, using real use cases in real time. Flexible Assembly and Google will discuss challenges during training, performance considerations, and next steps for research in this area.

Finally, Flexible Assembly will demonstrate the end-to-end solution in real time using a six-axis robot and Google Cloud ML Engine.

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Speaker(s): Aaron Silverberg, Sam Silverberg

Session ID: MLAI202
product:Cloud ML Engine,Cloud TPU,AI,TensorFlow; fullname:Sam Silverberg;

Duration: 36:46
Publisher: Google Cloud
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