Cloud Monitoring Company Cloudyn Announces Support of Amazon’s New EC2 Pricing Model

Cloudyn, a company providing solutions for cloud monitoring and optimization, founded in 2011, has announced that its comprehensive suite of cloud monitoring tools have been recalibrated to now provide full support of Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud pricing models both new and old.

Cloudyn’s move comes on the heels of Amazon’s recent restructuring of its AWS cloud pricing, specifically around the EC2 Reserved Instance (RI) options. The biggest difference between the new and older pricing models is that the old pricing structure was tied around utilization whereas the new pricing is according to how much of the RI is paid for upfront. The implication of this switch would redirect the decision-making from a utilization-driven one made by DevOps to a pure financially driven decision made by the CFO.

cloud-monitoring-cloudyn“Within 24 hours of Amazon’s new Reserved Instance pricing changes, we were already providing our customers with RI buying recommendations around the new options,” said Sharon Wagner, Co-founder and CEO of Cloudyn. “By supporting all RI price models, Cloudyn customers have a small window of opportunity to receive the most accurate and cost-effective recommendations to optimize their AWS cloud deployment.”

AWS Cloud Customers

Interestingly, in many cases the old RI types deliver much better ROI and cost efficiency compared to the new financial-based model, according to Cloudyn. However, customers in this scenario only have through February 1, 2015 to purchase utilization-based cloud instances to continue to maximize their level of savings before Amazon discontinues these options entirely.

Another notable finding by Cloudyn was AWS’ “Partial Upfront” one-time fee does not make sound financial sense. Based on calculations, including the cost of money (interest rates), the new Partial Upfront option shows that it is never the best choice. With some interest levels used the “No Upfront” yielded the best outcome, while at other times the “All Upfront” came out on top.

“Based on our findings, we do urge AWS cloud customers to take advantage of the closing window of opportunity that have both new and old pricing models available, so they can compare and seize maximum savings,” added Sharon Wagner. “Cloudyn is committed to providing industry-leading tools so that our customers can make the best decisions around their cloud platform choices, utilization and savings. We’ll continue to be at the forefront and look for new ways we can outfit our customers with new or enhanced cloud optimization tools in this highly dynamic market.”