Cloud My Office Launches Two New VDI Reseller Hosting Programs

Cloud My Office, a provider of hosted Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Solutions headquartered in State College, Pennsylvania, has unveiled two new reseller hosting programs. The company’s “VDI Software” and “On-Site VDI Appliance” Partner Programs provide managed hosting service providers the ability to easily deploy their own virtual desktop clouds.

Cloud My Office’s new VDI Software and On-Site VDI Appliance Partner Program in addition to their existing White-Label and Reseller Partner Programs would provide lucrative opportunities for managed hosting providers.

VDI on-site

reseller-hosting-cloud-desktopsThe Cloud My Office VDI Software Partnership is a reseller hosting program for managed hosting service providers that own and operate their own data centers to expand their product offering to DaaS or VDI. This program provides partners with all of the software licenses and expertise to create their own VDI product with their own equipment within a matter of hours.

Cloud My Office’s On-Site Appliance partner program gives managed hosting service providers a product that will allow their clients take advantage of the cloud while still being able to utilize their current on-site infrastructure. This reseller hosting program provides a solution for customers who have limited bandwidth or are subject to regulatory requirements that require that their server and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to be located on-site.