Cloud Native & Coffee: Live from KubeCon 2022 in Detroit!

Cloud Native & Coffee presents biweekly conversations with cloud native infrastructure and application experts from across the community and around the world.

Meet six open source innovators whose unique projects are solving problems for implementers and end users – making Kubernetes more cost-effective, safer, more secure, easier to operate, and improving the experience of application developers on the platform.

A special thanks to our lovely & fascinating interview subjects!

The interviewees featured this week are as follows:
0:00 – Intro
0:43 – Madhuri Yechuri, Founder & CEO, Elotl
13:14 – Pieter van Noordennen, Head of Growth, Slim.AI
24:27 – Alin Dobra, Co-Founder & CEO, Bunnyshell
30:00 – Omri Gazitt, Co-Founder & CEO, Aserto
42:07 – Shahar Binyamin, Co-Founder & CEO,
52:31 – Michael Schmid, Co-Founder & Head of Technology,
1:04:10 – Outro

Duration: 01:04:51
Publisher: Mirantis
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