Global innovator of cloud-native file services, LucidLink, has announced the launch of its new, global Managed Services Provider (MSP) program. The program is designed to make it easier for MSPs to expand their businesses with a cloud-native, SaaS solution established to run file-based workloads on object storage.

Peter Thompson
“Our MSP partners say that nearly all of their customers are asking about how to approach migrating to the cloud. Without a doubt, LucidLink’s ability to utilize cloud storage as if it is local is a compelling first step,” said Peter Thompson, co-founder and CEO of LucidLink.

LucidLink Filespaces provides “high-performance” file access over distance to improve organizational workload efficiencies and maximize productivity. MSPs can now offer their customers an integrated solution that would provide users or applications with “fast, secure, on-demand” access to files and data stored on “cost-effective” object storage.

MSPs can buy LucidLink’s monthly managed service bundled with hosted storage, or they can bring their own storage, depending on their application requirements.

Managed Serices Providers using LucidLink Filespaces and joining the Global MSP Program can:

  • Remove friction from sales by simplifying infrastructure requirements.
  • Reduce operational expenses through remote SaaS deployment.
  • Benefit from consumption-based recurring revenue.

MSPs interested in joining the program can contact LucidLink at

Efficiencies, Cost-Savings

LucidLink has opened a world of opportunities not just for me as a service provider, but also for my customers,” said Casper Van der Walt, Head of Cloud & Infrastructure at Cipherwave. “With the launch of hyper-scale providers, adding Filespaces on top of it feels like we have stepped five years into the future.”

LucidLink Filespaces would enable MSPs to take advantage of market growth opportunities, cost-savings, and inherent efficiencies. For example, it’s now possible to deploy cloud object storage outside the traditional use cases of long-term retention and native S3 cloud applications. Some iuse cases would include:

Direct Backup to the Cloud

  • Write file backups directly to cloud storage without the need for additional local storage, gateways, or special S3 connectors.
  • Stream backup images anywhere for fast and flexible recovery.

Managed NAS Services 

  • Move on-prem network shares and file servers into the cloud.
  • Provide universal access from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Universal Data Mount Point for Any Application

  • Utilize object storage for any software without a connector or refactoring.
  • Stream and cache cloud data with the same performance quality as NAS.

Active Archive

  • Leverage an economical, high-capacity storage tier for long-term retention.
  • Retrieve data as fast and easily as browsing a folder structure.