Cloud Networking for the Hybrid Enterprise (Cloud Next '19)

Enterprise networking and security teams manage extensive on-premises environments and are accustomed to design and implementation tactics that take advantage of traditional networking constructs (subnets, IP ranges, VLANs, ports, protocols, etc.). Moving to the cloud offers numerous opportunities to leverage modern networking and security abstractions but also presents challenges integrating design and configuration approaches across environments.

This session goes beyond the knowledge required to interconnect on-premises and cloud and addresses how to map design and implementation specifics between the two environments. We’ll then present an incremental path forward to start leveraging useful networking and security configuration abstractions that allow you to simplify and scale networking in the cloud.

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Speaker(s): Matt Nowina, Zach Seils

Session ID: NET201
product:Cloud Virtual Network,Virtual Private Cloud (VPC),Cloud Interconnect; fullname:Matt Nowina,Zach Seils;

Duration: 47:21
Publisher: Google Cloud
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