Cloud OnAir: Accelerating Insights with External Datasets on GCP

Learn how partnering with Google Cloud Platform can grow your data business by allowing commercial data providers to host their data offerings directly in BigQuery, Cloud Storage and Cloud Pub/Sub. Customers now have access to a rich set of commercial datasets from providers such as Dow Jones, AccuWeather and remine. Join this webinar to learn how to take advantage of these solutions offered on Google Cloud Platform.

0:05 – Intro
0:51 – Agenda
1:17 – Data analytics landscape
2:41 – Data complexities
4:43 – Public and commercial datasets
7:48 – Differences between public and commercial datasets
10:19 – How to access datasets
10:55 – GCP data provider – Weather Source
15:44 – Weather Source turnkey solutions
17:34 – Other industries that could leverage weather data
21:01 – GCP Demo with Weather Source
31:21 – Accelerate insights with public and commercial datasets on GCP summary
35:10 – Q&A

Duration: 39:15
Publisher: Google Cloud
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