Cloud OnAir: CE Chat: Efficiently Migrating Data into Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud offers a suite of solutions to analyze, transform, store, protect, and further utilize your data. However sometimes the biggest challenge is actually migrating your data into GCP. Whether you are in Denver or Denmark; with 50 Gigabytes or 50 Petabytes; access to a T1 line or 10 Gbps; Google offers solutions to meet your unique data transfer requirements and get your data to the cloud quickly and securely. Join us as we discuss these options and help you decide what is right for your business.

0:08 – Intro
0:54 – Why move data into Google Cloud Platform?
2:49 – Challenges with moving data
7:32 – Google Cloud Platform transfer options
10:44 – BigQuery Data Transfer Service
12:50 – Transfer Appliance
20:26 – Customer Experiences
23:11 – Google Cloud Storage (GCS)
25:00 – GCS use cases
27:16 – Simple to use portfolio
31:20 – Tips and Tricks
38:53 – Q&A

Duration: 43:5
Publisher: Google Cloud
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