Cloud OnAir: CE Chat: Wrangling Your Data with Cloud Dataprep

When it comes to getting value from data — whatever its volume, velocity or variety — we’ve come a long way from the days of traditional data warehouses. But it’s clear that barriers to adoption of data analytics remain: including the time and cost of building and maintaining infrastructure, of giving business users easy and more secure access to the right data sets for analysis, and especially, of data preparation — with some customers estimating up to 80% of total workload process time being devoted to it. With data being every business’ currency, we need to move away from the thought that more data means more problems.

Fortunately Dataprep is here to help. Join us as we look into how Dataprep is revolutionizing data exploration, anomaly detection, ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) processing, and overall data wrangling with an insightful demo and interactive Q&A.

Duration: 40:14
Publisher: Google Cloud
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