Cloud PaaS Provider cloudControl Announces Support for Five New Java Virtual Machine Languages

cloudControl, a German multi-language Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) cloud hosting provider, has expanded its service offering to include official support for five new Java Virtual Machine (JVM) languages and runtimes: Grails, Scala, Clojure, Play! and Gradle.

cloud-hostingThe availability of new buildpacks for Java means users can now run different kinds of JVM-based applications on cloudControl’s PaaS cloud hosting platform: Pure Java, Grails-based, Scala, Gradle, and Play! Framework applications. By officially supporting these new buildpacks, cloudControl would assure that the code is safe, functional, and up-to-date. Official support also means customers can request expert support for any questions and issues related to these buildpacks.

In addition to the new JVM buildpacks, the cloudControl platform officially supports pure Java, Node.js, Ruby, Python, and PHP. cloudControl’s PaaS offering would provide more than cloud hosting-based infrastructure on demand. The platform bundles all the services necessary to develop and run web applications, and eliminates the need to provision and maintain development, testing and deployment environments. This would shorten innovation cycles for development projects and reduce costs.

An Overview of the newly supported JVM Languages:

  • With Clojure, users can write applications in a functional programming language that runs on the Java JVM. This makes it easier to implement multi-threaded applications.
  • With Grails, users get a full stack, web application framework for Java. The focus is to provide a productive and streamlined development experience by embracing the “coding by convention” paradigm.
  • Gradle uses a build-by-convention approach for Java projects by introducing pre-defined project layouts with sensible defaults. This enables development teams to quickly customize everything and create their own organization-wide standards so builds can scale without complexity.
  • With the Scala buildpack for Java, object-oriented meets functional. Users can construct elegant class hierarchies in Java for maximum code reuse and more extensibility.
  • Play! makes it easy to build lightweight and stateless web applications using Java. By providing predictable and minimal resource consumption, Play! is a framework of choice when building highly scalable web applications.

Autodetection for JVM-Based Applications

Due to the diversity of JVM-based applications and the mix of languages used, there is an auto-detect mechanism for Java buildpacks on cloudControl’s cloud hosting-based infrastructure. This means that users simply have to push a JVM-based application, and the platform automatically determines which buildpack to use.

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