Cloud Predictions for 2015 with Rackspace CTO John Engates

Our Office Hours Hangout show took the last two weeks off for Thanksgiving, so Rackers +Alan Bush and +Drew Cox are coming back with a great show featuring +Rackspace CTO +John Engates and his predictions for #cloudcomputing  for 2015. 

While you’re waiting for the show, don’t forget to review John’s predictions for this year. We think he did pretty well.

@JEngates – Rackspace CTO

1. Cloud Choices Abound (2:00)
2. Containers, Containers, Containers ( 9:40)
3. IT Gets Sensored (19:08)
4. It’s Not The Cost That Counts (24:10)
5. Bigger Data (32:27)
6. The CMO Turns Into A CMT (40:18)
7. Secure It (44:25)
8 .OpenStack Gets Boring (48:46)
9. Alternative Silicon Rising (52:18)
Final Thoughts (57:05)


Duration: 58:37
Publisher: Rackspace
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