Cloud Predictions for 2016 with John Engates

It’s time for one of our favorite events on Office Hours – chatting with Rackspace CTO +John Engates about his annual Cloud Predictions. We’ll sit down with John and review his predictions, and discuss what these new trends and technologies will mean for our customers. 

Join us live on Thursday, January 14th, or download audio or video podcasts at

For a preview of John’s predictions, check out the Rackspace Blog:

Episode 129 : Cloud Predictions for 2016 with John Engates

Recorded Live: 1-14-2016

Alan Bush: @AlanBush – Rackspace Community Manager
Drew Cox: @DrewCoxSA – Rackspace Enterprise Technical Advisor
John Engates: @jengates – Rackspace CTO

Multi-cloud world (2:17)
IT talent shortage will continue (4:14)
Security, delivered as-a-Service (10:28)
Putting data to work (18:28)
Interoperability for the Internet of Things (28:16)
Virtual Reality goes mainstream (36:38)
Nvidia in the cloud (43:31)
Multi-cloud world revisited (47:17)
Drones – Culmination of innovative tech (50:35)

Cloud Predictions for 2016 – John Engates, Rackspace Blog

Duration: 01:00:47
Publisher: Rackspace
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