LeaseWeb, one of the largest IaaS providers in the world delivering cloud services, dedicated servers, CDN, security solutions and more, has expanded its cloud services offering to the United Kingdom and Australia through the opening of new data center facilities in London and Sydney.

With this data center expansion, LeaseWeb now offers customers cloud services on four continents in locations across Europe, Asia, Australia and North America. The opening of the new facilities is in accordance with LeaseWeb’s continuing global expansion plans.

LeaseWeb has signalized a trend where UK based companies prefer to partner with a global cloud provider capable of serving their customers both in and outside the UK, particularly as the political landscape continues to unfold around issues related to Brexit. Similarly, many EU based customers would be looking to have a footprint in the UK to better reach local customers.

Con Zwinkels
“By expanding our services to the UK and Australia, we provide businesses of all sizes the opportunity to access their locally based cloud infrastructure,” said Con Zwinkels, CEO and co-founder of LeaseWeb.

“Internet-based business is a global business by nature,” said Con Zwinkels, CEO and co-founder of LeaseWeb. “To provide the best and most reliable user experience every time and everywhere, leading Internet and IT businesses rely on global infrastructure providers who can deliver locally across the globe. By expanding our services to the UK and Australia, we provide businesses of all sizes the opportunity to access their locally based cloud infrastructure – something they will need to serve their customers in the UK while potentially reaching customers globally as well.”

Partnership LeaseWeb and Acronis

The opening of the Sydney data center is a direct result of LeaseWeb’s expanded partnership with Acronis. By expanding their partnership, customers in Australia can now benefit from the full cloud service offerings of Acronis. Through its Sydney based data center, LeaseWeb is able to service both native and international customers, connecting Australia with the rest of the world through its global, high bandwidth network infrastructure.

“We are happy to announce our partnership with LeaseWeb,” said Jan-Jaap Jager, Chief Revenue Officer at Acronis. “This expansion offers a great opportunity to address new markets and enable customers to use the full range of our cloud services. LeaseWeb is an experienced Cloud company and an innovative pioneer in the industry. As a partner Acronis is proud to be part of another excellent business prospect to strengthen both our positions in the cloud segment.”

Another customer that LeaseWeb has worked closely with in developing its expansion plans includes TOPdesk, a Netherlands based international software and consulting company. TOPdesk had the intention to expand its business in the United Kingdom and turned to LeaseWeb, their hosting provider since 2001 to help them make this possible.

“Pushed by the uncertainty created by an upcoming British exit from the EU, TOPdesk noticed an increased demand for a UK based hosting facility,” said Jeroen Boks, CIO at TOPdesk. By closely working together with LeaseWeb, we were able to act on this in a timely fashion, without compromising in the reliability that we aim for.”

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