Rackspace does not only have its own cloud platform available, it also offers access to other public cloud environments including Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Rackspace is migrating, managing and optimizing “business-critical” workloads for several customers on GCP, for example: Finish Line, Rhode Island School of Design, and Smash.gg.

Rackspace would be supporting these customers by helping to remove the complexity and costs associated with managing their cloud environment all on their own. Rackspace helps Managed Services for Google Cloud Platform customers architect, deploy, manage and secure their cloud infrastructures, allowing them to focus their valuable IT resources on their core business.

Sports Retailer

Finish Line is a sports retailer with approximately 950 branded locations in U.S. malls and shops inside Macy’s department stores and half a million daily online visitors. Finish Line turned to Rackspace in 2017 to help accelerate its IT transformation efforts by moving key workloads out of its existing data center facilities to Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

“We operate in a highly competitive and rapidly transforming market,” said Warren Lenard, vice president of technology and operations, Finish Line. “We value the current support of our digital and e-commerce applications Rackspace provides. As we look to move workloads to Google Cloud Platform, we will continue to leverage their expertise and managed services for GCP.”

College of Art and Design

Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) is one of the world’s most renowned colleges of art and design, and it is utilizing Rackspace Managed Services for GCP to help secure, manage and engineer its websites for optimal performance and reliability.

“As a leading design school, there is a high expectation on us to deliver exceptional web experiences,” said Brian Clark, senior director of marketing strategy at Rhode Island School of Design. “We look at Rackspace as an extension of our team in managing and optimizing our Google Cloud Platform deployment.”

2,000 Events per Month

Smash.gg is an eSports platform used by players and organizers worldwide, running nearly 2,000 events per month with 60,000+ competitors. The company engaged Rackspace to provide expert architectural guidance and augment its operations team – allowing them to focus on innovation and speed to market, while providing “a reliable and performant user experience.”

“As we scale out our application to partners,” said Nathan Welch, engineering director and co-founder at Smash.gg. “We are leveraging Rackspace’s expertise to help design, deploy and automate an optimal environment on GCP.”

“We’re excited about the strong momentum we’ve experienced since we became Google’s first managed service partner in March of this year,” said Patrick Lee, vice president of the Google business, Rackspace. “Since that time, we’ve strengthened our GCP expertise by earning more than 150 sales and technical certifications — and have built a robust offering to support a growing number of customers running applications on GCP. As our relationship with Google continues to evolve, we look forward to expanding our offering by bringing new services to market that will provide even greater value to customers.”

Rackspace Managed Services for GCP is currently available to customers in more than 10 countries and will be available globally in 2018. For more information, visit rackspace.com/managed-google-cloud.

Based in San Antonio, Texas, Rackspace serves more than 170,000 business customers from data centers on five continents. It delivers expert advice and integrated managed services across public and private cloud environments, managed hosting, and enterprise applications.

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