Cloud Security Company vArmour Almost Doubles its Technology Patent Portfolio Within a Year

vArmour, a global data center and cloud security provider, has announced 12 additions to its growing patent portfolio issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, almost doubling its patent portfolio within a year. These newly awarded patents focus on policy and automation as services to secure the data center.

cloud security varmourvArmour has exponentially increased its patent portfolio since 2015, having an additional 12 issued within the past year, taking the total patents issued to 25, plus 23 pending U.S. patents. The recently awarded and pending patents would help cloud security teams in defining and applying application policies to better secure data in multi-cloud environments.

Recent patent innovations would allow business owners and their teams to define security policy based upon what’s most important for business outcomes as opposed to system capabilities.

“vArmour is at the forefront of transforming data center security through our innovative approach to policy and automation,” said Tim Eades, CEO of vArmour. “As a company, we are focusing on addressing the needs of today’s digital enterprise. As organizations continue to grow and scale, the latest patents we’ve added to our portfolio will support customers with the tools they require for better securing data in multi-cloud environments.”

The expanded vArmour technology patent portfolio will also cover:

  • Conditional Declarative Policies and Data Network Microsegmentation – Deep understanding of application behaviours provide the underpinnings of successful policy automation. Conditional declarative policy models would be faster, cheaper, less error prone and more secure.
  • Policy Generation using Container Metadata – This policy computation method will provide models of expected behavior for the application along with definitions relating to allowed relationships and dependencies, allowing building of business-oriented zero-trust policies, while accommodating the dynamic nature of container and microservice architectures.
  • Automated Threat Response – Automates network security remediation through risk scoring to effectively prevent internal intrusions and security breaches.

“vArmour’s growing patent portfolio adds intriguing possibilities for security in the data center,” said Eric Hanselman, chief analyst, 451 Research. “Companies have long struggled to put effective controls in place, especially for today’s increasingly heterogeneous multi-cloud environments. Limited visibility and a lack of context around application traffic adds risk to policy automation. vArmour‘s more holistic approach, with its intent-based security, automatic application discovery and policy computation and optimization, could lead to more effective protection and controls for the modern data centers and cloud.”

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