Cloud Security Company, vArmour, Partners With Hewlett Packard Enterprise to Secure On-Demand Data Center

vArmour, a data center and cloud security company, has announced a partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) to simplify and secure on-demand data centers. Through the partnership, vArmour’s software-based DSS Distributed Security System will provide “rapid” threat visibility and remediation when deployed on HPE Hyper-converged platforms.

Within one system, vArmour would help organizations improve their overall security posture by reducing attack surfaces with segmentation of an organization’s most sensitive assets (i.e. healthcare and financial records), by detecting malicious application or user behaviors, and by responding to incidents in real-time, whether they require containment or forensic investigation.

varmour cloud security“The pace of IT has never moved faster, and advanced cyber attackers move faster still,” said Johan Hybinette, CISO at HOSTING. “The partnership between HPE and vArmour further enables HOSTING to mitigate threats across all leading platforms and every type of cloud infrastructure. Deployment is simple, micro-segmenting applications is easy, and we now have more visibility and control over our IT infrastructure than ever before.”

Cyber Attacks

Application traffic flowing inside virtualized and cloud data centers would be a blind spot for many enterprises, and there has not been a simple way to reliably feed this application-layer activity to Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platforms for correlation and response to incidents.

With this partnership, vArmour DSS will address this challenge with SIEM platform, HPE ArcSight ESM, which collects, correlates and reports on enterprise-wide security events to enable detection of unusual or unauthorized activities in real time, to identify advanced persistent threats (APTs).

With vArmour DSS, it would be easy for users of HPE ArcSight ESM to gain visibility into application communications from every workload across public and private clouds. In addition, organizations will be able to respond in real time to APTs that are identified by HPE ArcSight ESM by making policy changes using vArmour’s application-aware micro-segmentation – stopping an attack.

hp cloud“Building simple and secure data centers on-demand requires rethinking the traditional enterprise infrastructure model that is typically slowed down by siloed security tools and provisioning times,” said Keith Stewart, vice president of business development for vArmour. “vArmour and HPE are working together to make it easy for organizations to deploy infrastructure that’s secure from the start, and that stays secure in the face of cyber attacks.”

vArmour’s validated design for vArmour DSS on the HPE Hyper-converged platforms would make it fast and easy to add security to these platforms and the applications they run. With this validation, organizations can deploy vArmour security at the speed of HPE software-defined storage and compute resources and also segment their most sensitive assets – from personal information to credit card numbers – on the same, shared infrastructure pool. The combined solution improves organizations’ overall security posture with the ability to visualize real-time traffic of any application or workload to detect and remediate potential threats, as well as gain greater awareness of infrastructure utilization – all from a single system.

“As hyper-converged becomes a platform enterprises and ROBO (Remote Office and Remote Businesses) are using today, it’s imperative that security is not an afterthought, but is built in at every level,” said Manoj Nair, vice president of Product Management, Converged Systems for HPE. “With vArmour DSS leveraging HPE’s robust Hyper-converged platform with StoreVirtual technology, customers can quickly and easily visualize workload-level threats and act on them decisively.”