Cloud Security Provider Exabeam Announces Expanded Cloud Product Deployment Options

Exabeam, a provider of cloud security solutions including security intelligence & management, has announced Exabeam Spectrum – a new program allowing organizations to deploy Exabeam’s family of cloud offerings across a range of cloud environments, in a variety of configurations.

With Exabeam Spectrum, customers can choose from public cloud, hybrid cloud, and cloud-to-cloud deployment options. Key to Spectrum is Exabeam’s per-employee subscription licensing model that provides a flat, predictable annual fee, no matter where the Exabeam Security Intelligence Platform (SIP) is deployed. Customers can also opt for a fully managed cloud service from one of Exabeam’s MSSP partners.

“We have customers with all kinds of environments. Some wanted to go right to the cloud. Some are planning on moving to the cloud, but don’t know when,” said Nir Polak, CEO of Exabeam. “Many of our larger ones have mixed environments due to organizational structure or local regulations. With Spectrum, we offer full investment protection for our license. Customers can deploy how they want, when they want, without additional fees.”

Spectrum allows for three deployment options for Exabeam SIP as well as connection to other cloud services via Exabeam Cloud Connectors.

Exabeam SIP Deployment Options

  • Exabeam Public Cloud – Run Exabeam on Amazon Web Services (AWS Cloud), Google Compute Platform, or Microsoft Azure.
  • Exabeam Hybrid Cloud – Provision Exabeam on premises and in a public cloud, depending on an organization’s budget and security policies. Or, gradually move pieces of an Exabeam deployment to the cloud as part of a larger cloud migration strategy.
  • Exabeam Managed Cloud – Work with an Exabeam partner to get a fully managed Exabeam instance, with staff dedicated to securing a customer’s organization. The company’s MSSP partners deploy Exabeam in a public cloud and retain skilled security analysts to provide an option for outsourcing all or part of a customer’s security operations.

Product Options

  • Exabeam Cloud Connectors – Collect logs from popular cloud applications and services to increase visibility. Cloud Connectors allow Exabeam to ingest logs from applications – Box, Dropbox, Office365, Salesforce – infrastructure – Amazon Web Services, Google Compute Platform, Microsoft Azure – and security products – CrowdStrike, Duo, Okta.
  • Exabeam Threat Intelligence Cloud – Planned for release within the next twelve months, this new service would help organizations deal with millions of available threat indicators by consolidating and downloading to Exabeam Data Lake. Exabeam Advanced Analytics can then match these indicators in real-time with user and entity activities.

Built by seasoned security and enterprise IT veterans from Imperva, ArcSight, and Sumo Logic, Exabeam is headquartered in San Mateo, California. The company is privately funded by Norwest Venture Partners, Aspect Ventures, Icon Ventures, Lightspeed Venture Partners, and investor Shlomo Kramer.