Cloud Security Solutions Provider, Penta Security Systems, Launches Its Cloudbric Business Edition

Penta Security Systems, a global information security firm headquartered in Seoul, South Korea and specializing in web application security, database encryption, as well as single sign-on access control management, has announced the launch of a new enterprise Cloud WAF solution called Cloudbric Business Edition.

With the release of Cloudbric Business Edition, enterprise clients residing on physical or cloud based server environments including bare metal servers would now be able to seamlessly install Cloudbric’s elite web security capabilities into their internal network infrastructure.

The first distribution model (service model) allows service providers, such as web hosting companies, to disseminate Cloudbric’s enterprise level WAF security to their end users. Cloudbric will provide all monitoring and maintenance of end user web traffic, which would help enterprise clients maintain a clean network infrastructure, eliminate security related customer support requests, and increase overall brand trust through an emphasis on web security.

ddos mitiigationThe second distribution model (product model) allows enterprise clients to independently monitor, maintenance, and filter all malicious attacks using Cloudbric technology. Cloudbric will provide enterprise clients the proper training, implementation, and licensing of its WAF as a self-managing product.

“There is a growing need for security vendors to provide easy to manage, cost effective, and ready to deploy web security solutions for their customers,” said TJ Jung, VP of Product & Technology for Cloudbric. “By developing a WAF solution that is able to fully customize its detection technology, Penta Security’s enterprise clients can now reap the benefits of using Cloudbric Business Edition regardless of whether they are running on a physical or cloud based server environment.”

With over 19 years of IT security expertise, Penta Security Systems protects more than 117,000 websites and blocks more than 108,000,000 web attacks per month. Penta Security is one of the leading Web Application Firewall vendors in the APAC Region based on market share.