Cloud Server Company VPS.NET Seeks Contributors To Its Online Tech Encyclopedia

VPS.NET, a cloud server provider with offices in the UK and United States, has launched a worldwide search for Web users with hosting market knowledge, who can contribute to its online library of tips, tutorials, and how-to articles. Successful writers will pocket $50 for each article.

cloud-server-provider-vpsnetWriters don’t need to have an alphabet’s worth of letters after their name to contribute. VPS.NET is looking for articles from anyone who knows their NFS from their SMB. Every article that’s sent in will be checked to make sure it meets a good standard.

The hosting company is giving writers free rein to tailor their articles to suit any level of understanding. They want pieces that would fit into the ‘Cloud Hosting 101’ category, as well as features that can be read by masters of the Web.

How to install PHP

Suggested topics for articles include pieces on how to secure a server with SSH keys, how to install Git on Ubuntu, how to install PHP, and how to set up Apache. Alternatively, writers can help readers walk before they run by penning a piece on starting a first cloud server.

Cloud server company VPS.NET is a division of the UK2 Group, which provides domain registration and Web hosting services to thousands of customers globally through its family of hosting brands;,,,,,, and