Cloud Service Provider OneAsia Deploys Appcara App360 Appliance PRO Throughout Its Asian Data Centers

OneAsia, an IT, data center and cloud solutions provider, has deployed Appcara’s App360 Appliance PRO into its data centers in Greater China and is planning to expand into its South East Asia data centers as the next steps. The addition of App360 Appliance PRO would allow OneAsia’s enterprise customers to accelerate business critical apps into the cloud with real-time service metrics and guarantee.

“Enterprises are demanding application automation and network transparency to simplify the migration of their in-house application workloads into the cloud,” said Charles Lee, Founder & CEO of OneAsia. “Appcara’s App360 Appliance PRO automatically extends customer networks into the OneAsia cloud. This allows enterprises to migrate apps to the cloud at their comfortable pace without breaking app dependencies. Additionally, the platform’s deep analytics and control allows us to offer end-to-end service guarantee to our customers.”

Layer-2 Networks

Many business critical apps are interdependent on each other for various services such as directory services. The inability to offer network integration between on-premise and cloud networks may force enterprises to “forklift” the entire in-house app environment or create duplicated services. Neither is practical for large and dynamic environments.

oneasia-networkAppcara’s App360 Appliance PRO has the ability to automatically integrate customers’ layer-2 networks into the service provider cloud. Therefore, enterprises can deploy apps and cloud servers onto their layer-2 network with total security and transparency.

“Enterprises face many challenges in migrating business critical apps into the cloud. Minimal business disruption and service quality guarantee are key requirements, but difficult to achieve with today’s tools,” said William Fellows, Vice President of Research, at The 451 Research. “Appcara’s App360 Appliance PRO couples with OneAsia‘s transpacific networks, data centers and cloud services to offer enterprises tremendous flexibility and simplicity in migrating their business critical application workloads into the cloud.”

With App360 Appliance PRO, OneAsia’s customers would gain:

  • Simple-to-use user interface to deploy and manage application workloads in public and private clouds
  • Granular network statistics for apps and servers deployed into multiple data centers
  • The ability to control bandwidth in real-time
  • Ready-to-use business apps with self-service app packaging capabilities

“Most business applications depend on other apps and internal services to work properly,” said John Yung, Founder and CEO, Appcara. “This poses major challenges for enterprises in migrating their apps into the cloud as most clouds are islands of disconnected services. With App360 Appliance PRO, OneAsia offers their enterprise customers the most comprehensive and practical solution to migrate business critical apps into the cloud. Additionally, OneAsia’s customers can leverage app automation capabilities to deploy and manage from simple to highly distributed app workloads in one or more data centers with end-to-end service visibility and control.”