Cloud Services Company AlphaPoint Technology Acquires N’compass Solutions

AlphaPoint Technology, an IT and cloud services company headquartered in Sarasota, Florida, has acquired N’compass Solutions, an IT software solutions and cloud services company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The acquisition of N’compass would advance the capabilities of AlphaPoint’s foundational software solution, AssetCentral.

AssetCentral provides critical DCIM and Information Technology Asset Management (ITAM) information to help clients gain better visibility into their data center assets and IT capabilities. N’compass, developer of a data aggregator and analytical software platform called LIVE, will initially advance the AssetCentral capabilities through the integration of its LiveDC product.

“We see a lot of potential for introducing complimentary products through a suite of solutions that will reach beyond the data center structure,” said Gary Macleod, CEO of AlphaPoint.

LiveDC is a Data Center Service Optimization (DCSO) solution that would accurately measure the essential DCIM capacity functions (i.e., power, cooling, performance optimization, space management and asset tracking), provide time-to-zero reporting, and track strategic progress. Through the implementation of LiveDC, users would be able to make better decisions that meet current and future business demands, reduce risk and optimize return on investment. In addition, N’compass will broaden AlphaPoint’s IT solution offerings to include other software products and services.

14 Years of Strategic IT Expertise

“N’compass has more than 14 years of strategic IT expertise that they have tapped to create a very unique software platform with a core mission to improve the delivery of accurate data and analytics to help IT professionals gain visibility into their IT environment and improve decision-making,” said Gary Macleod, CEO of AlphaPoint. “We see a lot of potential for not only broadening the capabilities of AssetCentral, but introducing complimentary products through a suite of solutions that will reach beyond the data center structure.”

N’compass will become a wholly owned subsidiary of AlphaPoint Technology and will keep its base of operations in Minneapolis. The N’compass leadership team will remain in their current positions. N’compass President and CEO, Chris Flaherty and CIO, Chris Pinc will join the AlphaPoint Board of Directors and take on the roles of AlphaPoint President and CIO respectively. In addition, Kristi Paul will join the AlphaPoint leadership team as Chief Marketing Officer and Keith Meierhofer will serve as Vice President of Consulting and Special Projects.