Cloud Services Company StackPath Launches Programs for Startup and Developer Communities

StackPath, a provider of a platform of secured Internet services built at the cloud‘s edge, has initiated two programs to support the tech community: StackPath Propel and StackPath Amp. The new programs would provide security and delivery expertise in many ways.

The StackPath Propel and StackPath Amp programs would include business and technical guides, hosting online communities and local meet-ups so the tech community can share experience and insights, and providing support and mentorship.

  • StackPath Propel – engages and provides resources and mentorship to early and growth stage tech community. This includes but is not limited to, founders, CEOs, CTOs, investors and startup organizations.
  • StackPath Amp – supports the developer community at every level, from early and growth stage companies to enterprise developer teams through education, communication and support of open source projects.

“The average life of a public company is 12 years,” said Lance Crosby, founder, CEO and chairman of StackPath. “That means most companies were startups less than a few years ago. Everyone has to start somewhere and, at StackPath, we believe that it is important to support the tech community, especially startups and developers. Our StackPath Propel and StackPath Amp programs provide startups and developers by building protection and performance into their cloud solutions and apps. We are security and content delivery experts so they don’t have to be.”

Industry Experts

StackPath has hired industry experts to drive these efforts led by James Leaverton, co-founder and vice president of ecosystem development:

  • Joshua Krammes – VP community engagement, will serve as an advisor, mentor and liaison for the startup community and StackPath Propel. Mr. Krammes has been immersed in the startup community for 12 years, most recently with MergerTech assisting companies navigate the acquisition process, and as the vice president of community development at SoftLayer.
  • Leading StackPath Amp is Justin Johnson, director of developer relations. Mr. Johnson is an active open source software community organizer and has more than a decade of experience working in technology as a founder, employee, investor and advisor. Most recently before joining StackPath, he was the product manager and VP of developer advocacy at Keen IO.

“Joshua and Justin have deep ties to, and connections in, the tech community and believe in the StackPath ‘give-first’ ethos,” said James Leaverton. “Having a strong ecosystem and being relevant and used by the companies of tomorrow will be paramount to our success.”