Cloud Services Delivery Platform, RackNap, Targets CSPs and MSPs Globally

RackNap, a cloud services delivery platform, has made its services available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace recently. They are working towards listing RackNap in the AWS marketplace too. The company came to CloudFest in Germany to explain to CSPs and MSPs what they’re exactly offering and how they could help CSPs and MSPs building and provisioning their cloud services. 

At CloudFest, had an interview with Sabarinathan Sampath, Chief Operating Officer (COO) at RackNap – which is actually a company part of ZNet Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India-based hosting provider ZNetLive, also part of this group, is one of the customers of RackNap using its technology for managing their entire business.

Mr. Sampath explains what the product is about and what RackNap’s focus will be in terms of geographical market segments in the next 12 months.

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