Cloud Services Provider Revera Installs Western Digital’s Object Storage For Its Vault Cloud Storage Offering

Revera, a cloud services provider from New Zealand, has installed the Western Digital HGST Active Archive System as its cloud-scale data repository for Revera Vault. Geared for deployments of all sizes – from terabytes to zettabytes, Vault relies on the HGST Active Archive System for its object store capability, capacity scaling, and data durability to optimize data accessibility and business continuity.

By leveraging the HGST Active Archive System, Revera Vault offers a distributed storage environment in excess of fourteen petabytes. This geo-dispersed architecture would provide customers effortless access to their data, consistent performance, and maximum data durability. Vault customers can ingest data in Auckland and immediately retrieve it from Wellington, even in the event of a complete data center loss.

hgst western digital“Vault changes accepted models of enterprise data management – a model typified by disk-to-disk replication with tape completing the trifecta. But tape is fast becoming the dinosaur of storage media as cloud services deliver unlimited scale and flexible object-based storage systems,” said Robin Cockayne, chief executive officer (CEO) of Revera. “The HGST Active Archive System with object storage is key to delivering best-in-class services to our customers’ ballooning data requirements.”

WDC‘s HGST Active Archive System is a fully integrated, Amazon S3-compliant, scale-out object storage solution delivering 4.7 petabytes (PB) of raw data storage in a single rack. Leveraging HelioSeal helium-filled disk drive technology and end-to-end optimization of system software and hardware, the system would provide high capacity, density and TCO with support for geo-dispersed replication, data-at-rest encryption (DARE), as well as distributed erasure coding for cloud-scale data durability and reliability – all key selection criteria for Revera.

“Revera’s reliance on the HGST Active Archive System as the cloud storage backend for Revera Vault spotlights its transformative benefits for cloud data centers where data availability, resiliency and durability at exabyte-scale is essential,” said Dave Tang, senior vice president and general manager at Western Digital Corporation. “Our systems enable cloud service providers to offer their customers breakthrough value and service levels to provide a competitive advantage in today’s data-centric world.”