Cloud Solution Provider, Stratos Cloud Alliance, Selects Partner Marketplace Dynasource

Stratos Cloud Alliance, an indirectly operating cloud solution provider (CSP) founded by SBS Group – one of the largest Microsoft Dynamics distributors in the U.S., will start its own networking community on Partner Marketplace Dynasource.

Founded in 2015 in Amsterdam, Dynasource is a partner-to-partner marketplace that would allow technology partners globally to instantly find the right partner for their workloads, wherever they are or whatever their need is.

stratos cloud alliance“By using Dynasource, we can create a community for our partners to find and help each other,” said James Bowman, President and CEO of the Stratos Cloud Alliance. “Dynasource helps our partners to work together more than ever and it allows us quicken the process of deployment and customer satisfaction. With the emergence of Microsoft Dynamics 365, we believe we can help partners transform their business model to deliver competitive and cutting-edge solutions to their customers.”

Both organizations will be participating in the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, Inspire, which will be held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. July 9-13, 2017.

“Dynasource is the #1 partner-to-partner marketplace for sharing expertise. We work closely together with the Microsoft Partner Network, since we both believe in sharing expertise in a technology-centric world,” said Peter Robin, CEO of Dynasource. “We have created a platform just like AirBnB. Many partners have the expertise; they just need to find each other and connect in a trusted network to work together.”

To learn more about the Stratos Cloud Alliance on Dynasource, visit the Dynasource website here.

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