Cloud Solutions Provider, Unitas Global, Announces Acquisition of AOS Cloud

Unitas Global, a provider of enterprise cloud solutions, headquartered in Los Angeles with clients and locations spanning the globe, has announced its acquisition of AOS Cloud. This acquisition would provide the company with significant engineering resources and technology to expand and strengthen the delivery of its enterprise cloud solutions globally.

In addition to enhancing the engineering and optimization teams, the acquisition would expand the Unitas Global client base and create a go-to-market partnership that strengthens its channel presence and market reach throughout the Midwest U.S., including Kansas, Nebraska, Texas and Missouri.

Unitas Global, with an already impressive performance at 118 percent CAGR over the past 24 months, would experience immediate growth and improvement in financial performance from this acquisition and relationship with AOS Cloud – a “leading” technology consultative partner in the Midwest.

secure cloud“Unitas Global is very excited about this strategic acquisition that enriches key technology expertise, expands the services we can offer our enterprise clients, and creates a key go-to-market partnership with AOS,” said Patrick Shutt, CEO of Unitas Global. “The integration of AOS’ Cloud Management Center brings a proven and capable platform and a solid team of experts into Unitas, expanding our set of solutions and broadening the reach of our hybrid cloud solutions to the enterprise market. Additionally, due to the complementary nature of each company’s client base, AOS becomes a key channel and delivery partner in enterprise-class cloud solutions.”

Along with the growth of its engineering team and general experts, the addition of AOS Cloud would enable Unitas Global to expand its provisioning and monitoring tools as well as its global support structure. The strategic acquisition of AOS Cloud will also provide tools to further simplify customer cloud consumption and expand its managed hosting and services portfolio.

“This acquisition enables Unitas to significantly enhance the development and delivery of hybrid cloud solutions within the enterprise IT provider space across broader geographic and vertical markets,” said Grant Kirkwood, Founder and CTO of Unitas Global. “Moreover, the move will immediately elevate the Unitas engineering team and Cloud Management Center (CMC) with an infusion of talent that possesses high level expertise operating multi-tenant virtualization as well as expanded skills in other disciplines.”

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