Cloud Storage Firm Wasabi Technologies Opens Storage Region in Paris, France

Wasabi Technologies, a global cloud storage provider delivering object storage services, has opened a new storage region in Paris. It would mark the next phase of Wasabi’s aggressive global growth strategy to meet surging demand for Wasabi’s cloud-based object storage services, providing critical proximity to clients and partners across France.

This new storage region, Wasabi’s first in France and ninth globally, is hosted at a colocation data center with Equinix. It would benefit from high-speed network connection to improve service availability and performance throughout the region, as well as the environmental benefits of Equinix’s energy efficiency efforts.

The size and performance capabilities of the Equinix data center would also help Wasabi’s future expansion. According to the company, demand for local cloud storage grows dramatically throughout Europe.

Object Storage Regions Across Europe

Following an increase in the European volume of data produced, analyst company IDC predicts that the public cloud storage services market in France will grow 40 percent yearly by 2021. Furthermore, different data protection and sovereignty requirements have enhanced European countries’ desire to retain data in the country where they operate.

Recognizing this requirement, Wasabi Technologies initiated a large-scale deployment of European storage regions in 2019, beginning with Amsterdam and most recently in London. Wasabi intends to launch new storage regions, including Germany, over the next 12 months, as well as extend its partner network, which includes Exclusive Networks as well as a network of hundreds of resellers and MSPs, to fuel operations across Europe.

“As digital transformation accelerates the use of cloud storage, organizations increasingly want to store their data in the country in which they operate,” said Richard Czech, Vice President EMEA, Sales, Wasabi Technologies. “Wasabi’s expansion into Paris helps us to effectively meet the demand for cloud storage in the growing French market while alleviating data sovereignty concerns. We will continue our hypergrowth in EMEA, focused solely on helping our customers get the most out of their data by providing a cost-effective, high-performance storage solution close to home.”

Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage

Photo Richard Czech, VP EMEA, Sales, Wasabi Technologies
“As digital transformation accelerates the use of cloud storage, organizations increasingly want to store their data in the country in which they operate,” said Richard Czech, VP EMEA, Sales, Wasabi Technologies.

Wasabi’s cloud-based object storage offering is named ‘Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage’ – as all data is treated similarly and made easily accessible, no matter if it’s classified as hot, cool or cold data storage. The company claims to have reshaped the market by offering a solution that is affordable, with no costs for egress or API queries and no vendor lock-in.

With Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage, businesses can store all of their data secured and inexpensively, and access it whenever they need it. According to Wasabi, it’s also an ideal product for the channel because every organization needs to store data, and Wasabi would be easy to understand, bundle with other products, and sell to address the most pressing challenges facing organizations today. It would support data storage requirements related to ransomware threats, and immutable backups that provide the highest level of protection in cloud storage. In EMEA, Wasabi’s object storage offerings and local storage regions strategy have already attracted over 14,000 clients and over 1000 channel partners.