Cloud Storage Provider pCloud Launches Its pCloud Crypto for Web and a $20,000 Hacking Challenge

pCloud, a cloud storage provider established by a group of IT specialists and global entrepreneurs based in Switzerland, has officially introduced its pCloud Crypto for Web. Utilizing client-side encryption, this solution provides a service with which no one except the users themselves can see their data, file names and contents.

pCloud Crypto acts as a zero-knowledge privacy folder where users can store as many sensitive files as needed. Accessing the encrypted files in the apps has been simplified to only typing a personal passcode, called “Crypto pass.” Because only the users know their Crypto pass, not even the service provider has access to what’s inside.

pcloud-cloud-storage“Our pCloud Crypto desktop and mobile applications take the advantage of client-side encryption and we are very happy that now we can offer it in the Web browser too” said pCloud’s CEO Tunio Zafer. “pCloud Crypto for web is ensuring that pCloud users can access their encrypted data on all platforms and devices .”

Together with the announcement of the Crypto service for Web, Tunio Zafer announced a 90 days hacking challenge. pCloud offers to pay $20,000 to the hacker that can break into its pCloud Crypto service in the next three months.

“We are so confident of the security of our client-side encryption service that we offer $20,000 to the hacker that can prove us wrong,” added Tunio Zafer.

For more information on pCloud hacking challenge visit

The announcements follow the news that pCloud raised $3 million of funding to expand the company’s presence to new international markets.

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