Cloud Tasks: Point-To-Point Asynchronous Tasks Across Microservices (Cloud Next '19)

Microservices enable one to break up large monolithic applications into smaller chunks that are easy to build, maintain, and upgrade. With the advent of these services, there has been a shift in the nature of interaction across the services. A service can now offload work to the background, which can in turn be consumed later by another service. This helps in quicker response times provided to users as well as smoother interaction across a mesh of services. In this talk, we explore how Google Cloud Tasks provides customers the ability to offload long-running asynchronous operations, thereby facilitating point-to-point collaboration and interaction across these microservices.

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Speaker(s): Vinod Ramachandran, Braden Bassingthwaite

Session ID: SVR104
product:Cloud Tasks,Cloud Functions,Cloud Run; fullname:Vinod Ramachandran;

Duration: 41:37
Publisher: Google Cloud
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