Cloud UK Live

Cloud UK Live is the event of the year for everything cloud.

Hear from industry leaders on:
✔️ Strengthening cybersecurity
✔️ Preparing for GDPR
✔️ Automation
✔️ Mastering Big Data
✔️ Boosting sales

The cloud is a fundamental building block in a modern IT infrastructure, but it can be so much more than simply a service.

The total global public cloud market is expected to increase 21.9% to $178Bn in 2018, from $146Bn in 2017. The cloud landscape is flourishing into maturity and we are watching it develop in its wider environment of IoT, cyber-attacks and data protection.
These influences are driving cloud analytics, automation and security forward and into the spotlight in 2018; but how can they help your business grow?

Our speakers and technical experts will show you how to utilise cloud technology and trends to take your cloud to new heights and make your business faster, safer and more efficient.

Duration: 27
Publisher: UKFast
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