Cloudamize Adds New Platform Enhancements to Speed and Simplify Large Enterprise Migrations to Public Cloud

Cloudamize, a cloud infrastructure analytics platform, has added new capabilities to its platform that would significantly speed and simplify large-scale enterprise migrations to the cloud.

The enhancements of Cloudamize’s platform specifically address the challenges of substantial migrations by empowering IT with automated capabilities to more deeply visualize all application connections and build application move groups based on characteristics. As a result, organizations would be able to improve the accuracy of their migrations, more easily make better decisions about when to migrate which applications, and reduce the time it takes to migrate workloads.

secure cloud“When you have thousands of servers and applications across multiple business units and locations, it’s incredibly challenging to manually sort through all of them and then figure out which applications you should move to the cloud and when to move them,” said Bob Moul, CEO of Cloudamize. “It’s such a massive undertaking that most organizations don’t even know where to start. Our latest additions to our platform add even more support to further speed and ease large-scale migrations so that companies can more quickly realize the benefits of the cloud. In fact, we recently helped a Fortune 500 company build a migration plan for 6,000 servers and 2,000 applications from 65 data centers across three geographies in less than one month.”

New capabilities of the Cloudamize cloud analytics platform would include:

  • Automated Application Dependency Mapping – New multi-tier dependency mapping capabilities enable companies to identify 3-tier/n-tier application dependencies. Fully automating these detailed dependencies for large organizations with thousands of connections is critical for not only speeding time to migrate, but for also ensuring migration accuracy.
  • Intelligent Move Groups – Easily group hundreds or even thousands of applications migrating to the cloud based on characteristics such as application or machine names, affinity mapping, dependencies, cloud cost, application class, or any other user-defined filter. The platform includes several built-in characteristics, but users can easily add more.
  • Application Classification – Applications are automatically grouped together from over 200 pre-built application classes compiled over 10,000 applications, such as business intelligence, security, and IT Management. Rather than shuffle through numerous individual applications to determine where to begin migration, enterprises can now more quickly and clearly identify which applications to move and when using classifications that align to their organizational needs and structure.
  • Project Management – Manage multiple large-scale migrations across different business units and global geographies simultaneously within a single portal. Managing migration projects within the same portal greatly enhances productivity and the ability to complete migration projects efficiently.