Cloudamize Unveils Solution to Accelerate Migration to Azure Cloud Computing Platform

Cloud computing analytics provider Cloudamize has announced the launch of its Azure Site Recovery (ASR) Migration Integration. The new solution would enable companies to execute their Azure cloud migration plans in just a few clicks.

According to Cloudamize, Azure cloud users leveraging Cloudamize ASR Migration Integration can significantly reduce the time it takes to execute migration to Microsoft Azure for their clients, while also improving migration accuracy.

khushboo shah cloudamize
“The release of ASR Migration Integration enhances Cloudamize’s ability to support companies throughout their entire cloud migration journey,” said Khushboo Shah, Head of Cloudamize.

“The release of ASR Migration Integration enhances Cloudamize’s ability to support companies throughout their entire migration journey,” said Khushboo Shah, Head of Cloudamize. “Microsoft cloud partners have long used Cloudamize to calculate cloud TCO, predict performance, prioritize workload move groups, and design their migrations. Now, they can also leverage our integration to seamlessly turn their cloud migration plans into successful Azure migrations.” 

Cloudamize ASR Migration Integration can be used to complete the setup required to successfully execute migration to Microsoft Azure. Capabilities would include:

  • Select an ASR-ready design
  • Complete set up for ASR configuration server
  • Automatically install the ASR mobility services onto the target environment
  • Carry out migration tasks after target environment is prepared for migration
  • Execute the migration of on-premises infrastructure to Azure

ASR Migration Integration also provides ASR Reporting, which offers deep analysis on an application move group’s ASR readiness, along with recommendations on what needs to be done to any that are not ready. The ASR readiness report validates against 20 checks to see if the target is ready for ASR migration and divides the outcomes into Success, Warning or Critical.

The report also provides workarounds for the machines that are identified as “Warning.” Sample checks include: General Disk, Windows OS, Hypervisor, Disk Space, .Net Version, Boot Software and Linux System Requirements. With this report, organizations can prioritize move groups and ensure successful migrations. ASR Reporting capabilities would include:

  • View a report that shows instances ready to be migrated via ASR
  • Create move groups by filtering machines that are eligible for migration via ASR
  • Specify work groups or machines to be included in the reporting
  • Download all reports 

“ASR Migration Integration removes manual processes and drastically reduces the time required to determine which configurations are supported in Azure and ASR,” added Khushboo Shah. “With this deep integration between our platform and ASR, Azure cloud partners can quickly identify and set up their clients’ ideal configurations to accelerate their Azure migration and greatly reduce the chance of errors. As a result, they can take on more migration projects, enhance customer satisfaction, and ultimately drive more revenue.” 

In addition to ASR Migration Integration, Cloudamize has also recently released Azure Partner Account Integration. This integration would allow channel partners reselling Microsoft Azure to input pricing and currency information into Cloudamize, which will then automatically apply pricing to all cloud cost calculations. This release would enable users to:

  • Link partner account details to the Cloudamize platform
  • See account specifications automatically applied to all orders created
  • Manage partner details and order creation via the partner dashboard

Cloudamize is part of the Cloudreach Software Business Unit and is headquartered in Philadelphia.