CloudAnalytics Announces the Launch of its Big Data Analytics Solutions to Retailers at NRF 2016

CloudAnalytics, a provider of big data analytics solutions that extract data from a wide variety of sources, including POS, IOT devices and syndicated data, has recently launched its big data solutions focused on retailers and brand companies. This solution will be shown to the public at NRF 2016, that takes place January 17-19.

These applications would enhance store conversion and help shape the customer experience in stores by ensuring the right employees serve customers at the best times, based on overall volume and quality of traffic, as well as overall marketing and merchandising campaigns. CloudAnalytics would help improve retail store productivity.

cloud analyticsThe CloudAnalytics apps would also deliver a clear understanding of store traffic, customer in-store behavior, and store and associate productivity. The apps combine data from a wide variety of sources, including POS, IoT devices and syndicated data, and would make it easy-to-use and accessible through all types of mobile devices, emulating a familiar personal mobile experience.

Clients are enabled to improve the performance of their stores by providing a better understanding of the store’s critical KPIs to each store team. They can utilize the collaboration feature to improve and accelerate internal communications. They can also collaborate on a real time basis with merchandising and marketing. They can identify opportunities by location and by associate to implement changes and measure results with a focus on continuous improvement.

Retail’s BIG Show

The apps would also strengthen each store’s understanding of their KPIs to help users improve their scheduling and balancing of labor hours, driving improved customer service levels and conversion rates.

nrf 2016Further, users can utilize customer in-store behavior patterns, just as online retailers can do, to adjust store layouts, displays and product positioning to maximize customer engagement and collaborate with merchandising and marketing teams. Finally, users will be able to engage their customers one-on-one with personalized offers and product recommendations based on the customer’s stated preferences and prior purchases.

CloudAnalytics can be found at NRF 2016 at booth #2125. NRF’s Annual Convention & EXPO earned the nickname ‘Retail’s BIG Show’ years ago and because the name was so appropriate, it stuck. Today, Retail’s BIG Show is NRF’s flagship industry event held annually in New York City. The four-day event offers education, collegial networking, and an enormous EXPO Hall full of technologies and solutions.