CloudBees Announces Version 2 of Its CloudBees Jenkins Platform

CloudBees, a company providing smarter solutions for automating software development and delivery, has announced version 2 of its CloudBees Jenkins Platform. Based on Jenkins 2 and utilizing the CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise distribution as its foundation, it is fully verified and hardened with the new CloudBees Assurance Program.

With this release, enterprise DevOps teams would be empowered with operational dashboards, intelligent upgrade utilities and access to critical information needed to succeed with Jenkins at scale.

cloudbees devops cloud“As DevOps approaches continue to enable innovation across every industry, enterprises trust Jenkins as the critical hub to help them iterate faster with continuous software delivery,” said Sacha Labourey, CEO and founder of CloudBees. “This new release of CloudBees Jenkins Platform 2 establishes the gold standard in the enterprise for Jenkins and its expanding ecosystem of partners and extensions, providing customers the peace of mind that their delivery pipeline will always be stable, scalable and easy to maintain. They also have the assurance that when questions or issues arise, the Jenkins experts at CloudBees are on-hand to help.”

The CloudBees Jenkins Platform 2, including the cloud-native Private SaaS Edition, would deliver key new capabilities important to enterprise software development teams. Notable updates include:

  • Jenkins 2 – CloudBees Jenkins Platform 2 is the first release to incorporate the new Jenkins 2 core, providing more powerful, native software pipeline automation for continuous delivery, and usability enhancements for ease of use.
  • Beekeeper Upgrade Assistant – a new digital assistant would avoid delays caused by incompatibility of unverified open source plugins by guiding administrators with warnings and specific recommendations regarding compatible, CloudBees-verified components.
  • Operational Dashboard for Large-Scale Jenkins Operations – New visualizations for Private SaaS Edition enable shared services DevOps teams to track Jenkins pipeline activity and resource utilization with a live, actionable dashboard.
  • Jenkins Workload management – Streamlined job/folder move and copy to enable enterprise-scale workload distribution without complex configuration, making it easier to manage Jenkins at scale.
  • CloudBees Network (CBN) – the CloudBees knowledge base has been completely revamped, providing a wealth of informative, technical enablement for customers and Jenkins users in one easy-to-navigate place.