CloudBerry Lab Releases AD Bridge to Connect Amazon S3 with Active Directory

cloudberry-labCloud data management developer CloudBerry Lab, a solutions provider for Amazon S3, Windows Azure and Rackspace Cloud Files, has released the new product CloudBerry AD Bridge. The new solution connects an Amazon S3 account with an Active Directory service in Windows domain networks.

CloudBerry AD Bridge was developed to simplify cloud storage deployment in corporate networks. By installing and configuring AD Bridge on one workstation or server in a domain network, system administrators can automatically provide Active Directory users with a restricted access to a certain folder in an Amazon S3 account such providing users with native access to AWS resources.

Skipping Time-consuming Configuration

Public cloud storage providers, such as Amazon S3, provide inexpensive, virtually unlimited data storage in remotely hosted facilities. Despite all the cloud storage advantages comparing to local file servers, Storage Area Networks (SAN) and Network Attached Storage (NAS), it can become a big challenge for system administrators to deploy and manage cloud storage access for each and every workstation and server in a corporate network.

CloudBerry AD Bridge allows skipping time-consuming cloud storage access configuration for multiple users, including generating individual access and secret keys, assigning access rights and restrictions for each user.

The new data management solution would hide the complexity of the configuration process allowing to deploy cloud storage as simply as Network Attached Storage (NAS), especially when you combine it with another product of the company, CloudBerry Drive. The combined solution provides every authenticated Active Directory user with preconfigured access to Amazon S3 account mapped as a network or external drive for fast and easy data access.