CloudByte Introduces Plug and Play Storage Appliance as an Alternative to Legacy SAN

CloudByte, a provider of multi-application storage for enterprise applications, has announced the release of CloudByte ElastiStor Appliance (ESA), a complete self-managed storage solution. Developed in partnership with Dell, SanDisk, and Supermicro, ESA would enable any size organization to break away from vendor lock-in and high expense of legacy storage approaches.

cloud-storageDesigned to maximize rack space density, ESA delivers enterprise grade storage functionalities in only 2U of rack space. Leveraging CloudByte’s storage architecture, ESA leverages flash drives for high-performance needs such as caching and either flash or disk drives for data storage. Up to four expansion chasses can also contain hybrid storage.

“With ESA, we bring in the flexibility and economics of server virtualization into the storage world,” said Felix Xavier, Founder and CEO of CloudByte. “Each application feels dedicated storage in the shared environment.”

Capabilities of the new storage appliance include:

  • Spin out new Virtual Storage Machines (VSM) to run more applications.
  • Scale across data centers by adding more ElastiStor appliances.
  • Guaranteed storage performance delivered by each VSM.

Key benefits would include:

  • Storage consolidation – Run many applications into single storage platform.
  • No storage expertise needed – Self-managed and self-provisioned.
  • Single console storage management – Easy storage management across data centers.

“We are pleased to be working with CloudByte to incorporate SanDisk’s high performance enterprise-class SAS SSDs into their new cloud hosting-based storage system,” said Steve Fingerhut, vice president of marketing, SanDisk Enterprise Storage Solutions. “The foundation of SAS SSDs from SanDisk enables CloudByte customers to safely deliver fast storage services more efficiently, while saving energy, floor space, and – ultimately – money.”

Three appliance models of ESA have been designed to support a specified number of applications or Virtual Machines.

  • ESA-A10: Storage for ten applications or Virtual Machines
  • ESA-A50: Storage for fifty applications or Virtual Machines
  • ESA-A100: Storage for one hundred applications or Virtual Machines

All models are immediately available from CloudByte and authorized resellers.

Established in 2010 and managed by technology executives from companies such as NetApp, EMC, LSI, Cisco, Juniper, and Novell, CloudByte is headquartered in the Silicon Valley and has a development center in India. CloudByte is venture-backed by Fidelity Worldwide Investment, Nexus Venture Partners, and Kae Capital.