CloudCheckr Users Now Able to Automate Continuous Monitoring and Augment AWS Security

CloudCheckr, a provider of analytic solutions to optimize cloud performance, has announced a new set of enhancements designed to further leverage the AWS logging and audit tools CloudTrail and AWS Config. CloudCheckr users are now able to automate continuous monitoring, and fulfill their security and compliance mandates – whether the requirements are internal, 800-53, HIPAA, PCI, or another major framework.

CloudCheckr specializes in overall asset management for AWS users. Beyond its security and compliance features, CloudCheckr also offers Inventory and Utilization analysis. CloudCheckr’s widely used Cost Management module include AWS spend optimization and cost allocation features.

CloudCheckr’s new product enhancements allow users to:

  • Automate AWS Config alerts
  • Filter and search AWS Config Configuration History and alerts by resource tag
  • Automate CloudTrail alerts based upon IP addresses and leverage white-listing IP address capabilities
  • Leverage CloudTrail in the AWS GovCloud (US) region

At re:Invent in November 2014, AWS launched AWS Config and announced CloudCheckr as an initial integration partner. CloudCheckr was introduced as a CloudTrail partner in January 2014.

aws-cloud“AWS Config and CloudTrail, for those who are unaware are incredibly valuable AWS logging and audit tools,” said Aaron Klein, co-founder and COO of CloudTrail. “We think everyone should use them. They capture API calls (CloudTrail) and resource and configuration history (AWS Config). But it’s raw data. CloudCheckr supports these services by ingesting the data, and surfacing the most critical and actionable information.”

“We work closely with both the AWS CloudTrail and Config teams, and know what features users need to maximize the benefits from these services,” added CloudTrail’s CTO Aaron Newman.

Founded in 2011, CloudCheckr is based in Rochester, NY with satellite offices in San Francisco, Seattle, London, and Argentina.