Cloudera Boosts Its Hadoop Security, Buys Big Data Security Company Gazzang

clouderaCloudera, a provider of enterprise analytic data management powered by Hadoop, has acquired big data security company Gazzang. Cloudera now offers encryption for all data-at-rest stored inside the Hadoop cluster. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Cloudera plans to focus the efforts of the Gazzang team on additional security challenges in Hadoop. The team will become the heart of the Cloudera Center for Security Excellence focusing exclusively on Hadoop security. The Center will focus on:

  • Comprehensive data and cluster security technologies – including “follow the data” authorization and encryption policies riding on Cloudera’s data lineage tracking capabilities.
  • Security testing and certification – including continuous vulnerability assessment, performance optimization, and developing regulatory compliance playbooks.
  • Security ecosystem partner enablement – developing security integration APIs and certifying partner products.

“That Cloudera can now address the enterprise’s most critical security requirement – data encryption – directly into the platform is a big win for security-sensitive customers,” said Adrian Lane of the analyst firm Securosis. “What’s more, Gazzang’s transparent form of encryption scales right along with NoSQL clusters, so Cloudera customers get data security at big data scale. This is an astute acquisition by Cloudera.”

Open source community

In addition to immediately providing a transparent data-at-rest encryption and key management solution to enterprise customers – addressing one of the biggest gaps in Hadoop security – Cloudera, Intel and Gazzang would form a powerful team of big data security and silicon performance optimization expertise that will improve security in core Hadoop through the open source community.

Cloudera is continuing to invest broadly in the open source community to support and accelerate security features into project Rhino – an open source effort founded by Intel in early 2013. Project Rhino is a broad based open source security architecture addressing many of the major pillars of enterprise security including: perimeter security, entitlements and access control and data protection.