CloudFest 2019: From Complexity To Simplicity

Speakers: Alex Fine (CEO at Virtuozzo), Jason Frisch (Director at Rushfiles)

Many service providers and enterprise IT organizations today are looking for ways to achieve more performance and efficiency by leveraging the cloud to manage infrastructure resources, and they often consider hyper-converged infrastructure as part of their strategy. With so many options on the market, it can be hard to know which to choose. Denmark-based RushFiles provides a secure file sync and share service with an all-inclusive SaaS from its data centers or as a self-hosted solution in its customers’ data centers. Come to this session to learn how RushFiles has partnered with Virtuozzo and Diaway to use Virtuozzo Infrastructure Platform at the core of its strategy to deliver hosted private cloud offerings on resilient, high-performance, cost-efficient hyper-converged infrastructure.

Duration: 16:48
Publisher: CloudFest
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