CloudFest 2019: Hot Source: How Openness Can Challenge Tech’s Oligopolies (Rafael Laguna, CEO at OX)

Following a number of high-profile acquisitions in recent months, the topic of open source has been thrust into the limelight—coinciding with countless revelations of data malpractices from some of the world’s largest tech companies. Openness and data privacy have never been so high on the public’s agenda.

Free and open-source software, such as Linux, MySQL, and WordPress have for a long time been an essential tool for many hosters and cloud service providers. Now, in order to compete with the cloud service oligopolies, hosters should utilize the power of open source to complement their offerings via local support or bundles for specific industries and verticals. Not only is maintaining an open internet key to Western democracy and society, but it is a trend that is rapidly gaining steam, offering hosters and cloud services an opportunity to stand out in a competitive landscape.

Duration: 21:58
Publisher: CloudFest
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