CloudFest 2022 » Airbus » How to connect to Cloud Services at the International Space Station

Edge devices can be found in many places, but one of them is orbiting around the center of earth with a speed of 27,600km/h. CIMON, the Crew Interactive Mobile Companion, is the first robotic and autonomous crew-mate onboard the International Space Station with a link to cloud services on earth to support the ISS crew with artificial intelligence based assistance. But even with this bright future in mind, bringing CIMON into space still begets many questions: How can CIMON’s networking system connect easily to Earth and why has CIMON even been created in the first place? Till Eisenbeg, CIMON Project Manager at @Airbus Defence and Space , took the CloudFest 2022 audience through the details in this keynote—and yes, CIMON makes an appearance!

Duration: 00:25:45
Publisher: CloudFest
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