CloudFest 2022 » Boston IT & 2CRSI » Tailor made green IT for modern cloud environments

2CRSi is the world’s leading provider of high-performance and high-efficiency server technologies. 2CRSi develops and markets energy-efficient end-to-end computing solutions. As an IT solutions factory, the Boston group complements a wide range of high-value services and offers tailor made cloud and data center solutions, HPC as well as Big Data, analytics, AI/ML from edge to cloud. The OCtoPus range is a new generation of high efficiency, density and scalable 21” servers designed by 2CRSi. All servers can be cooling with the technology that suits best. Either Air Cooling, Direct Liquid Cooling or Immersion Cooling can be used to maintain a perfect temperature for its best TCO calculation and sustainable investments.

In their CloudFest 2022 keynote, Alain Wilmouth (Founder and CEO, 2CRSi) and Philipp Kurus (Senior Sales Executive, Boston Server & Storage Solutions GmbH) walked the audience of internet infrastructure providers through the future-proofing benefits of these cooling solutions.

Duration: 00:22:23
Publisher: CloudFest
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