CloudFest 2022 » Boston IT » Highly automated infrastructures not only support the environment

The B.I.C solution—with its simple, self-healing, highly automated infrastructure—is tailored to the user and executed where it is needed. Not only in datacenters, but already at the Edge. Its simplicity is ideal for institutions and companies with few IT staff. The application area is broad and ranges from manufacturing companies, retailers, financial service providers, municipalities to the healthcare sector. It meets the requirements of modern business while reducing operating costs.

In his CloudFest 2022 presentation, Thorsten Schäfer, Sales Director EMEA at @Scale Computing, explored what makes the HCI solution unique, what customers think about it, and how easy it is to deploy. If you missed Scale Computing’s live demo at CloudFest, check out this video.

Duration: 00:15:52
Publisher: CloudFest
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