CloudFest 2022 » DATAGROUP » Expedition Cloud – Your challenge is our mission

Nowadays, no industry can exist without IT. At the same time, IT is becoming increasingly more complex, whilst the challenges, especially in the area of cloud security, are growing. The Expedition Cloud is similar to a polar expedition: It is very clear from the beginning that you are heading into an environment that does not forgive any mistakes. Even before you take your first step onto the ice, every participant knows that a lot awaits them that they cannot even imagine. At CloudFest 2022, photographer, geographer and author Michael Martin joined DATAGROUP CEO Andreas Baresel and Cloud Expert Frederik Schmidt for a unique keynote presentation.

To not only survive the adventure of the present and the journey into the Cloud, but to do so safely and reach new horizons with a head start, you need the ability to think creatively and differently. You need the most reliable partners, the best equipment, and the most sophisticated strategies. All this is DATAGROUP.

Duration: 00:18:31
Publisher: CloudFest
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