CloudFest 2022 » DGC » Physical and Mental Cyberthreat forcast 2022 for Cloud Provider

Each year cloud providers are delivering more and more services to large and mid-cap companies as well as public institutions. This increasing business volume is also causing risks to cloud providers and clients due to the constantly increasing number of vulnerabilities and the resulting cyber-attacks worldwide.

In this session (which also contained a murder mystery), Matthias Nehls (Founder and CEO, DGC), Dino Huber (CEO, DGC Deutschland), Andreas Pankow (CEO, DGC Switzerland) gave CloudFest 2022 attendees an overview of the current threat situation as well as recommendations on how to secure and defend their infrastructure. This session was anchored by fraud detection expert and profiler Suzanne Grieger-Langer.

Duration: 00:23:02
Publisher: CloudFest
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