CloudFest 2022 » Expert Panel » Email @ 50 Years Young

Half a century ago, an MIT graduate named Ray Tomlinson became the first-ever person to send an email over a network, introducing the @ symbol to our global vocabulary. Since that time, our relationship with our Email address has changed as the Internet itself has evolved. Today an Email address works as a link between your online identity and you as a person, taking on an importance far beyond the inbox. Cloud providers looking to aid their customers in managing their business with productivity and office tools should look to collaborate on Email-centered offerings. At CloudFest 2022, Paolo Storti (CEO, @Zextras), Andreas Gauger (CEO, @Open-Xchange), and Gaurang Sinha (Director of Go-to-Market, Titan), helped providers to identify opportunities that lie beyond Google and Microsoft’s mass market offerings.

Duration: 00:34:37
Publisher: CloudFest
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